Prevent factory reset

To avoid users to reset their devices, you need to disable access to this specific setting from TinyMDM.

From your TinyMDM account:

  • Go to the Policies tab and modify the policy of your choice
  • Scroll down the Policy until the Device-wide controls sub tab
  • Tick the Prevent factory reset box

The end-user won’t be able to perform a factory reset from its device settings.

As a TinyMDM admin, you can reset devices to factory settings from the Devices tab (more info here). But as you prevent the factory reset on the policy (as seen above), end-users are not able to reset their device from the settings.

To enable only one device to perform a reset and not all the devices linked to the policy, follow the steps below:

  • On the device, go on to the TinyMDM application (called Info in kiosk mode)
  • Click on Administration button at the bottom of the app
  • Then click on Wipe the device. At the same time, enter the temporary code visible by clicking on “Show admin code” on the console (see screenshot above).