Manage Wi-Fi networks with TinyMDM

You can choose to configure Wi-Fi on fully managed devices as well as BYOD devices used for work. This allows Wi-Fi networks to be automatically configured on the devices, without the end-users having to know or type the password.

  • Go to the Wi-Fi Networks tab
  • Click on either Configure a new wifi network or Configure a new EAP wifi network
  • Enter the information of the network: its name (ssid) & password. For EAP Wi-Fi, you will need more info, such as additional passwords or certificates
  • All the Wi-Fi networks added will be listed in this tab. You will then be able to push them to the devices through the policies.
  • Go on the Policies tab and edit the one you want to push your Wi-Fi networks in
  • In the Wi-Fi configuration sub tab, you see multiple settings regarding the Wi-Fi as well as all the networks you have preconfigured.
  • By ticking the box next to a network, you will push it on all the devices linked to the policy. It means that as soon as the devices will be near one of those selected networks, they will be connected to internet.
wifi networks tab on the policy

By ticking the box Disable unsecured Wi-Fi networks, end users won’t be able to connect to unsecured networks like public hotspots. Please note that this feature in only supported by devices running Android 9 and lower.

By ticking the box Disable Wi-Fi, you will deactivate Wi-Fi connection on all devices enrolled in this policy, with no possibility to turn it back on. To activate Wi-Fi again, you will need to share the admin code to the user.

enable wifi networks

In fully managed mode, the user has to go on the TinyMDM application of its device. In kiosk mode, this app is called Info. Note: in kiosk mode, you have to approve the app Info beforehand to be able to active the internet connection.

Then, the user needs to click on Administration tab, then on Enable Wi-Fi and type in the Admin code, visible on the console, under Disable Wi-Fi. Mobile devices will temporary have access to Wi-Fi networks.