How to manage Wi-Fi configurations with TinyMDM?

How to disable wifi, prevent connections to unsecured networks and preconfigure a network?

Network security is one of the top IT concerns, and companies are working hard to ensure the Wi-Fi networks that mobile devices can access are identified and verified, for security reasons. In addition, the ability to connect automatically to a network and start working as soon as employees enter the premises is key to maintaining business productivity (especially when they have access to several locations and networks). And that’s exactly why with TinyMDM, you can choose to preconfigure favorite networks, disable Wi-Fi on some devices, forbid connections to unsecured networks, etc. Everything is designed to help you protect your sensitive data and save some time when using the devices.

To preconfigure Wi-Fi networks

You can choose to configure Wi-Fi on company-owned devices as well as BYOD devices used for work. This allows Wi-Fi networks to be automatically configured on these devices, without the end-users having to know or type the password.

  • Go to the Wi-Fi Networks tab
  • Click on either Configure a new wifi network or Configure a new EAP wifi nextwork
  • Enter the information of the network: its name (ssid) & password (for EAP Wi-Fi, more info will be needed, such as additional passwords or certificates)
  • All the Wi-Fi networks you add will be listed here, and then you’ll be able to push them to the devices through the security policies
wifi menu

To push configured networks on devices

  • Create a new security policy or edit an existing one.
  • In the Wi-Fi networks management part, you’ll find all the networks you have pre-configured.
  • By ticking the box next to a network, all devices assigned to this security policy will automatically connect to it when in range.
wifi list

To disable the Wi-Fi on some devices

  • By ticking the box Disable unsecured WiFi networks, end users won’t be able to connect to unsecured networks like public hotspots. Please note that this feature in only supported by devices running Android 9 and lower.
  • By ticking the box Disable Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi will be deactivated on all devices enrolled in this policy, with no possibility to turn it back on. To activate Wi-Fi again, the admin code will be needed.

To enable the Wifi from some devices

  • In fully managed mode, the user has to go on the TinyMDM application. Note: in kiosk mode, the Info   app has to be already approved beforehand.
  • From the device, the user has to go on the application, click on Administration tab and then clic on Enable wifi and type in the Admin code, visible on the console.

The wifi will temporarly be activated on the mobile device.