Manage app configurations using TinyMDM

You can specify a configuration file when pushing an app to a device using managed app configurations. This can be very useful to preconfigure account settings or preferences for an app, without having to touch the device itself. You edit managed app configurations on a per-app basis.

  • From your TinyMDM dashboard, go to the Policies tab and click on the icon to modify the policy of your choice
  • In the policy, go on to the Apps management section
  • Click on the icon on the top right of the application and choose Configuration
  • Modify the configuration by using the following tokens: $username$, $emailaddress$, $directoryname$, $customfield1$, $customfield2$, $customfield3$, $imei$, $serial_number$. Custom fields are visible in each user card in the Users and Groups tab.
  • Once the configuration is done, go on to the top of the configuration and click on Save.
Manage app configurations

Note: to delete the configuration, click on Delete. To reset the managed configuration to default values, click on Reset.

If you want to preconfigure email accounts from your TinyMDM platform, go on to those two tutorials:

  • To setup an Exchange account in Outlook
  • To setup an Exchange account in Gmail