Manage app configurations using TinyMDM

How to manage app configurations?

Managed app configurations allow you to specify a configuration file that is provided when an app is pushed to a device. This can be very useful to preconfigure account settings or preferences for an app, without having to touch the device itself. Managed app configurations are edited on a per-app basis.

To manage app configuration:

– From your TinyMDM dashboard, go to the Policies tab > Apps management section
– Click on the top right of the application whose configurations are to be modified and choose Configurations
– Modify the configuration and click on Save.

For Outlook for example, you can use templated value like $username$, $emailaddress$ and $directoryname$.


To manage an Exchange account:

If you want to preconfigure email accounts from your TinyMDM platform, go on to those two tutorials:
– To setup an Exchange account in Outlook
– To setup an Exchange account in Gmail