Remotely install / uninstall apps using TinyMDM

How to remotely install or uninstall an app without any action from the end user?

Remotely install or uninstall an application:


– From your admin console, go to the Policies tab
– Click on the icon  to edit the policy of your choice
– In the Apps management section, you’ll find all the policy approved apps.
– You can approve an application for this particular policy by clicking on it ou going on the app menu 三 and clicking on Approve.
– Then, if you want to install it remotely, click on the app menu 三 and then on Install.

To uninstall an application, the process is the same ad for the install: you need to click on Uninstall on the app menu.

Please note that if the device is turned off when you install / uninstall an app from the policy, the change will happen as soon as it will be turned back on.

In work profile:

In a Work Profile setup, business apps will be installed or removed from the business folder in the device. Admins won’t have access to personal apps and data.