Enroll multiple devices in a row with TinyMDM

1. Create a generic code QR
2. Users are automatically created
3. Devices are enrolled in a row with the correct configuration

enrollment in a row

This new “enrollment in a row” via a generic QR code feature makes you save precious amount of time: no more need to create users and scan their respective QR code one by one. All you need to do is create a generic QR code that, when scanned, will automatically create generic users in the chosen security policy or group and directly apply the correct configuration to the devices. These generic users will be named from a prefix you define (IMEI, device ID, date of enrollment, ICCID, etc.).


– From your TinyMDM dashboard, go to the Users tab, and click on Enrollment in a row.
– Choose the security policy or group to which you want users to be directly assigned.
– Choose a prefix to identify them: IMEI, device id, date of enrollment, ICCID, custom prefix (example: DEMO). Note: if you choose the custom prefix or date of enrollment, generic users will be automatically created as prefix-1, prefix-2, prefix-3, etc.
– Click on Generate QR code.


– Follow the classic steps of enrollment (enroll a fully managed device or create a work profile).
– On the login page, press Scan QR code and scan the generic QR code.

Each time you scan the generic QR code with a device, a user will be automatically created in the chosen security policy or group, and the device will be enrolled with the correct configuration.

Here, users are created under the group DEMO and named from the prefix IMEI. Enrolled devices will appear in the Devices tab, and the security policy DEMO CONFIG (affected to the group DEMO) is directly applied to them.

enrollment in a row