– New (or freshly factory reset)
– OS version 6. For devices running Android 7 and newer, refer to the 6-times tap QR code enrollment tutorial.

The enrollment process can usually be done by the final user since he received by email a QR code/password and a link explaining how to do so (but in the case of an Anonymous user, the enrollment must be done by the administrator).

  1. Switch on your new device (first use), or perform a factory reset and restart your device.
  2. Follow the configuration Wizard (startup screen, connect to the wifi, etc. depending of the model). Note: on the “Copy apps & data” screen, choose not to copy data by clicking on “Don’t copy”.
setup 1
setup 2
connect to wifi
setup 4


  1. On the Google sign in page, enter the code afw#tinymdm instead of an email address.
sign in using the code afw#tinymdm


  1. Android Enterprise will offer you to Install TinyMDM: click on Install and Accept & continue.
Install TinyMDM
Install TinyMDM 2
Setup TinyMDM


  1. Choose the Google services you want to accept (no impact on TinyMDM)
Accept Google Services


  1. Configure TinyMDM : Click on Begin and Accept the Terms of Use
Begin TinyMDM
Agree Terms of use


  1. When asked, enter your credentials or scan your QR code (both received by email) to log in. Note: end-user credentials, not TinyMDM administrator ones.


  1. You’re ready to go ! Depending on the policy applied to the device, you might be prompt to choose a compliant password.