Enroll a fully managed device in Android Enterprise using QR code

How to enroll a corporate device using Google 6 times tap QR code?

Android Enterprise offers a quick and easy way to enroll corporate devices from startup (or after a reset to factory settings), by tapping 6 times on the first screen and scanning a QR code. This enrollment method sets TinyMDM as device owner (managed by EMM) and the right configuration is applied to the device, according to the security policy you defined.


  • The device must be new or reset to factory settings.
  • The device must be running Android 7.0 and higher (for devices running Android 6, refer to the enrollment via afw# code).
  • You must have a TinyMDM account with users assigned to one security policy.
  • [This enrollment method is not compatible with Huawei (EMUI 5 or less) and Xiaomi devices.]


1. On the first screen displayed at startup, tap six times in a row, anywhere on the screen (but six times in one spot), and wait a few seconds.

6 tap qr code

Note: even if the first screen is often the one where the language selection is made, it may vary according to the manufacturer of the device. Whatever the first screen is, the important thing is to tap six times on the initial screen, whatever it is.

2. The camera of the device opens: the QR code must be scanned (visible in the administration console, or by email if it has been sent to the end user). If you preconfigured wifi networks on the administration console, you can select one, by clicking on Add a preconfigured wifi. The device will automatically be connected to the selected network, thanks to the QR code.

scan qr code

The feature “Force mobile data enrollment in QR code” is not compatible with Android 10 devices.

3. If you didn’t preconfigure a wifi network, you can select one, enter its password and follow the steps of the configuration wizard.

connect to wifi
android enterprise 1
android enterprise 2
android enterprise 3

4. The device automatically downloads TinyMDM. Click Begin and accept the Terms of Use.

tinymdm setup 1
tinymdm setup 2
tinymdm setup 3

5. The configuration defined in the security policy applies directly!

kiosk mode