Device compliance and synchronization

How can you ensure that your devices are compliant and synchronized?

From the Devices tab of the console, you can check the compliance and synchronization of your enrolled devices.

This information allows you, as an administrator or manager, to ensure that the mobile devices used by users comply with the defined policies and their latest synchronisations. It also allows you to ensure that all mobile devices in the organisation have the same functionality and are configured in a consistent manner, which can help you reduce errors and security issues.


Synchronisation of devices

You can keep an eye on the synchronization of your devices and click on the Refresh tab to update their information. A device is considered synchronized up to 1h30 maximum. Beyond that, the device automatically switches to “Synchronized less than 24 hours ago”. If the last synchronization of the device was more than 24 hours ago, the small red cross appears.

The date and time are the last time the device made changes to the console.

Compliance of devices

Compliant devices

If your device is compliant, the message “Device fully compliant” is visible on its card.

By clicking on More, you have access to the date and time of the last compliance check performed.


Device not compliant with policy settings

If your device does not comply with the configuration defined in its policy, the message “Device not compliant with policy settings” is visible on its card.

By clicking on More, you can ensure that all applications are however installed on the device.


Device not compliant

If your device is not compliant, the message “Device not compliant” is visible on its card.

By clicking on More, you may find that your device is not compliant with the policy settings and in addition, it has not received notification of application changes.