To deploy a web application (url shortcut)

1. Go in the Enterprise approved apps tab and click on Private web app

2. Click on the button at the bottom right of the Google Play window.


3. Enter your private web app name, its URL, choose its display settings and customize its icon. Then, click on Create.


4. Your private web application is visible but “Not yet available” for your company. You have to wait a few minutes, click on it as if to edit it, and you will see a blue Select button at the bottom. Click on it and then on OK to approve the application. It will then appear in your company’s applications and you will be able to install it remotely on your devices via the security policies.

For an internal website:

In order to avoid misspelled websites, we verify the websites validity. If you have an internal website, as we cannot access it, the addition is rejected. To bypass the verification, you need to notify TinyMDM that the website you want to add is an internal website. To do that, you need to prefix the website’s URL with the specific token : intra#

For example: should be entered like this


A web application needs Chrome to be able to work since it uses internet. It is therefore essential that Chrome is authorized and installed on the device from the security policy. In Kiosk mode, however, you can choose to “hide” Chrome so that the user can not access it, and only the web app is accessible.

delete private app