Managing private applications via the TinyMDM Store

How do I manage a private app without going through the Play Store?

Some customers may need to load applications on devices bypassing the managed Google Play Store, for example if the security or compliance criteria do not allow to publish them there: apk over 50MB, package name already used, bad signature… Thanks to the TinyMDM Store, it is possible to bypass the Play Store and manage these private applications without going through Google (installation, uninstallation, update).

Approve and install a private application with the TinyMDM Store

If your application has already been added through the Managed Play Store, make sure to unapprove it before adding it to the TinyMDM Store. To do so, you simply need to go on the Enterprise approved apps, under the Approved apps list, then click on the application’s icon to confirm it.

1. To import your apk to the admin console, first go to the Enterprise Approved Apps tab and under TinyMDM Store, click the Private Apps button.

2. Click on Upload new private app, and select your apk file.

download file

3. Once downloaded, you will see the information about your apk (permissions, sdk version…). Then click on Publish.

import apk

4. Now that your APK is visible in the TinyMDM Store, go to the Policies tab, and edit the appropriate security policy.

5. In the Apps Management section, you can see your private application. You can manage it like any other application: first click on it to approve it, then you can install it remotely, uninstall it, manage updates, permissions, configurations; choose it as default application in kiosk mode, protect it with a password…

install app

For the work profile devices:
1. If you use devices in a BYOD configuration, make sure that in your policy, the box “Block app installation from unknown sources” (under Advanced apps management) is unchecked
2. On the device, the end-user receive a pop-up to download the private application. He has to validate it, wait for the loading and then confirm the installation, so that it appears among his business applications.

Update a private application without going through the Play Store

1. To import a new version of your apk, go to the Enterprise Approved Apps tab, and under TinyMDM Store, click the Private Apps button.

2. Click on the menu at the top right of your apk, and on Publish an update.

publish an update

3. Select the higher version of your apk and click on Publish

4. To update your apk to this new version, go to the corresponding policies and update your application. If in your security policy you have chosen the update mode “Automatic” for all your applications, the update will be done automatically.

update mode

Downgrade to a previous version of your private application

If for technical reasons you want to downgrade the version of your private application (for example, from version 20 to version 18). You have to proceed in this order:

  • Go to your security policies and remotely uninstall your app on your devices.
  • Make sure the application is uninstalled on the desired devices (you can use the advanced search in the Devices tab to make sure it is no longer installed).
  • In the TinyMDM Store, follow the procedure to update your apk, but choose an older version, and click Publish.
  • In the desired security policies, install your apk. The earlier version of the apk will install on devices where the application is not installed. For devices where the most recent version has not been uninstalled, nothing will happen, they will keep the most recent version.

Uninstall / Delete a private application via the TinyMDM Store

1. To uninstall a private application, go to the desired security policies, click on the menu of your private application and click Uninstall.

uninstall private app

2. To completely delete a private application, go to the TinyMDM Store, click on the menu at the top right of the submitted apk, and select Delete Private App.

3. To confirm the deletion, type delete in the text field and click OK. Warning: the application will no longer be accessible via the TinyMDM console. If you want to uninstall it remotely from the devices, you must first uninstall it via the security policies.