Some customers may need to load apps on devices bypassing the managed Google Play Store. While we recommend managing your private apps through the managed Play Store to take advantage of automatic updates, configurations and security features, you can also deploy sideload apps.

Approve a sideload application without going through the Play Store

1. To import your apk to the admin console, first go to the Shared Files tab and click on Add File.
2. Click Browse Files, and select your apk file.

import apk

3. Once it is selected, you will be asked to choose the location of the file. In the drop-down bar, select APK Installation and click OK. Your file will then appear in the list of shared files.

4. Now that your APK is visible in the shared files, go to the Security Policies tab, and select the policy you want. Scroll down to the Shared Files tab at the bottom of the page and check the box corresponding to the apk file.

apk install

The download / installation will then start to all devices managed in this security policy and it will appear directly among the installed applications.

Installation of the private application in kiosk mode

To make the private application appear in kiosk mode, additional steps are required:

1. Still in the security policy, under the Application Management tab, pull down the Advanced Application Management bar.
2. Under the heading “Allow the use of applications in kiosk mode using their package name” as well as under “Display app icon of applications in kiosk mode using their package name”, enter the package name of your application. If you have more than one private application to show, enter them in a row and separate them only by a comma.

apk install 3

3. Click the Save button at the very bottom of the Advanced Application Management bar. The application will then be visible on your devices in kiosk mode.

If you don’t know the package name of the apk, click here to access the SISIK website. It allows you to import your apk and to know its package name.

Manage sideload application updates

To update the private application, you must:

1. Import the apk file containing the new version from the Shared Files tab by clicking on Add File (name the file differently to avoid mixup).
2. As for adding the first version, you have to choose the location APK installation and click on OK.
3. Then just go to the security policy where you want to update the APK. In the Shared files tab, you just need to check the new file added. If the package name of the application is the same, then this new apk file will replace the old one and the update will be done on the private application already visible on the device.

Uninstall sideload application

In this temporary version of managing a sideload private application, it is not possible to uninstall the previously installed application. This will have to be done manually on the devices. Don’t worry though, it will be possible soon!