To deploy an apk

– Go in the Enterprise approved apps tab and click on Private apps


– Click on the + button at the bottom right of the managed Google Play window.


– Enter your file name and click on Upload APK. Select your APK file, wait a few seconds and click on Create. Done! It is now visible in your Enterprise Approved App list.

Please make sure the apk is well signed by the developer, is not is debug mode, and respects the rules of Play Store. If you got the error message “Upload a new APK file with a different package name” : please make sure that the package ID of the apk is unique and doesn’t already exist in the Play Store. For example, Gmail package ID on the Play Store is, so you won’t be able to deploy an app with the same package ID. If this happens to you, please ask your developer to rename the package ID and try again to upload your apk.

To update the version of your apk

– Go in the Enterprise approved apps > Private app and click on the application you need to update
– Click on Edit and upload the .apk file that includes the new version
– Wait a few minutes before pushing the update on managed devices through the security policy

To re approve a private application

In case you mistakenly disapproved a private app from your Enterprise approved apps list, you can reapprouve it by:
– Entering its package name in the field App package name
– Going to the Play Store (Browse Apps) and entering the package name app

To delete your private application


If you delete your private app from the Google Play iframe, you won’t be able to upload it again with the same package name on the Play Store.

delete private app