– Go in the Enterprise approved apps tab and click on Private app


– Click on the + button at the bottom right of the GooglePlay window.


– Enter your file name and click on Upload APK. Select your APK file, wait a few seconds and click on Create. Done! Your private app will be visible in your Enterprise Approved App list.

If you got the error message “Upload a new APK file with a different package name” : please make sure that the package ID of your private app is unique and doesn’t already exist in the Playstore. For example, Gmail package ID on the PlayStore is “id=com.google.android.gm”, so you won’t be able to deploy a private app with the same package ID. If this happens to you, please ask your developer to rename the package ID and try again to upload your private app.


If you delete your private app from the Google Play iframe, you won’t be able to upload it again with the same package name on the Play Store.

delete private app