Manage private apps on the managed Google Play Store

1. Go in the Enterprise approved apps tab and within the Managed Play Store box, click on Private Apps.

add apps to the company catalog

2. Click on the button at the bottom right of the managed Google Play window.

upload private apps

3. Name the application and click on Import APK. Select your .apk file, and click Create. Enter an email address to which to receive notifications about your application.

private app

4. Your private application has been created on your private Play Store, but it is not yet part of your enterprise catalog. You need to wait a few minutes until the import is complete before you can add it. To do this, click on your app, and after a few minutes you’ll see that the Select button is no longer grayed out and now clickable.

  • Go in the Enterprise approved apps > Private app and click on the application you need to update
  • Click on Edit and upload the .apk file that includes the new version
  • Wait a few minutes before pushing the update on managed devices through the policy

Unpublish a private application:

  • From the Enterprise approved apps tab
  • Click on the application icon and then on Make advanced changes in the “Advanced modifications options” tab
  • Log into the Google Play Console with your Enterprise Google account
  • In the left side menu and on the “Publish” section, then under “Configuration”, click on Advanced settings
  • Under “App availability”, select “Unpublished
advanced settings

For information, this action will unpublish the application from the Playstore but it will not delete it.