Create sessions in kiosk mode with TinyMDM

  1. In the Policies tab, click on the icon to modify the policy of your choice.
  2. Under the Apps management tab, click on “Enable lock task mode” if it is not already the case. The Advanced Kiosk mode settings scrolling bar will appear.
  3. Scroll it down and click on Enable data deletion at the end of the session.
enable kiosk mode

When unlocking the devices of this policy, a window of “New session” will appear.

From the managed device, you have to click on Start the session, to access all the applications installed in kiosk mode. Once the user starts the session, the user can access all the applications installed in kiosk mode.

new session lock task mode
  • On the home page of the device, click on the icon Close the session. A pop-up will appear to confirm or cancel the session disconnection and inform the user that applicatios data will be erased.
    Close session lock task mode
    • By clicking on OK, the session will be deleted and the device will display the New session screen, as seen before in the tutorial.
    session disconnection lock task mode