Share professional files

How to share professional files on the devices?

Add a file on the console

To add a file on the console:

  • Go on to the Shared files tab
  • On the top-right, click on Add a file and then on Browse files.
  • Once the file is selected, you have to choose where to save it by using the scrolling bar:

For a file that you want to download on the devices (files, audio files, video, image…), choose Download (recommended)

share files

Push a file on the devices

From the Shared files tab

  • After selected Download (recommended), click on the box “Associate file to policy (optional)”.
  • Click on the policy you want to link the file to. If there are multiple, click on the box again and select all the affected policies.
  • Click on Ok.

From the Policies tab

Go on to the Policies tab:

  • Click on to modify the policy
  • At the bottom of the page, open the last tab Shared files. Here you have access to all the files you just added.
  • You only need to tick the box of the files, for them to appear automatically on the devices linked to the policy.
shared files

When a file is pushed from a policy, all the devices linked to this policy will have access to it.

Delete a file on the devices

To delete a file, you can either untick it from the policy, or delete it from the Shared files tab.