Share contacts from TinyMDM to the devices

The shared contacts feature allows administrators to remotely push professional contacts on the enrolled devices and update them remotely without any action from the end-users.

To add contacts on TinyMDM:

  • Go on to the Shared contacts tab
  • Stay on the Shared contacts sub tab
  •  To add contacts, two options are available:
    • Either click on Add contact to manually type the contact’s information (name, phone number, email and specific note)
    • Or select Import contacts to add a csv file and import all your contacts at the same time

You can also create groups to better organize your list of contacts and to be able to quickly assign them according to policies. It is important to know that the ‘Group’ concept is only used at the administration console level and that the contacts assigned to it are pushed to the devices individually on the Contacts app.

To create a group, three options are available, you can:

  • Either go on the Groups sub tab and click on Add contacts group to create all your groups
  • Go on the Shared contacts sub tab and click on No group on the contact’s card. You will then be able to choose an existing group or create a new one

If you want to push multiple contacts in the same group, after creating it from the Groups sub tab, you can select all the appropriate contacts and click on the menu in the blue banner. Then you simply need to click on Change the group of selected contacts and choose the one you want.

In the Shared contacts tab:

  • When you click on Add contact and create them one by one, you can see a box called Associate contact with policy (optional).
  • By clicking on it, you will see all your policies. If you want your contact to be on 5 specific policies, you simply need to click on them on confirm your request by clicking on Ok.

Go on to the Policies tab:

  • Edit the policy on which you want to push shared contacts
  • Under the Shared Contacts sub tab, you have access to all your contacts.
  • You simply need to tick a contact or a group to push it remotely on all the devices linked to this policy.

Once the contacts are pushed, they appear in the Contacts app of the devices.

To delete one or multiple contacts on the devices, you can either uncheck the contact(s) from the policy or delete them from the Shared contacts tab.