Chrome proxy settings configuration

The managed configuration of Chrome is a bit buggy at the moment on the Proxy topic, this is why we suggest you follow this tutorial instead. After you logged in to your TinyMDM account:

  1. From your TinyMDM account, do to the Policies tab and edit the policy of your choice
  2.  In the Apps management section, find Chrome and go to its managed configuration ( icon, then Configuration).
  3. Find the Proxy settings field and copy and paste a Json into it to override individual (and buggy) Chrome settings. Below are two examples to paste (one or the other):

“ProxyMode”: “pac_script”,
“ProxyPacUrl”: “https://example/proxy.pac”,


“ProxyMode”: “fixed_servers”,
“ProxyServer”: “”,
“ProxyBypassList”: “,”,

chrome proxy settings

You can find Google specification here.

Note: You can then check which settings have been taken into account by typing the URL chrome://policy from the device.