How to setup an Exchange account in Outlook?

Preconfigure an Exchange account using TinyMDM

Configure an exchange account from TinyMDM dashboard

From your admin console, go to the Policies tab and edit the policy you want to work on (or create a new one). Make sure the Outlook app is approved company-wide. Click on the δΈ‰ icon in the top right corner of the Outlook app and select Configuration.


From here, follow the configuration template below:

– Put the token $emailaddress$ in the field email address
– Put the description Work (for example) in the field description for account
– Put (for example) in the field exchange server url
– Put the token $emailaddress$ in the field username
– Put BasicAuth in the field account type
– Turn on Contact sync enabled button
– Click on Save

If you encounter an error on the device when entering the password, replace BasicAuth on the field description for account by OAuth or ModernAuth.

Note: please make sure to set the all the Outlook Permissions to > Automatically granted

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Login and sync contacts from the device

configure outlook

Open the Outlook app and click on Add account.

configure outlook

The account is already here, you just have to click on continue.

configure outlook

The configuration is already setup, you just have to type your password.

configure outlook

Click on Maybe later if you don’t want to add another account.

configure outlook

All done! You can access your emails.

configure outlook

To sync your contacts, go to Outlook settings ().

configure outlook

Then click on your email account.

configure outlook

Switch the option Sync contacts to ON. The contacts will sync to native address book on your device.