Preconfigure Exchange on Outlook

From your admin console, go to the Policies tab and edit the policy you want to work on (or create a new one). Make sure the Outlook app is approved company-wide. Click on the  icon in the top right corner of the Outlook app and select Configuration.

From here, follow the configuration template below:

  • Put the token $emailaddress$ in the field email address
  • Put the description Work (for example) in the field description for account
  • Put (for example) in the field exchange server url
  • Put the token $emailaddress$ in the field username
  • Put BasicAuth in the field account type
  • Turn on Contact sync enabled button
  • Click on Save

f you encounter an error on the device when entering the password, replace BasicAuth on the field description for account by OAuth or ModernAuth.

Note: please make sure to set the all the Outlook Permissions to > Automatically granted