Configure a VPN from TinyMDM

  1. Go to the Enterprise Approved Apps tab
  2. Approve and install the VPN application on your policy. To understand how to approve and install an application, go on to this tutorial.
  3. Then go on the Policies tab and edit the policy of your choice
  4. Scroll down the policy until the VPN configuration sub-tab and click on  to replace “None” by the VPN application.

The VPN will then be installed on the devices of the policy. From the devices, users will then need to:

  1. Open the VPN application
  2. Turn on the VPN in order to access internet

During the few seconds or minutes for setting up the application, public and private applications will no longer have access to the internet. However, system applications and changes made on TinyMDM will still be taken into account.

Users have access to the VPN on their devices, which means that they can disable it. However, doing it will not allow them to bypass VPN security. Indeed, by disabling the VPN, only the modifications made on TinyMDM and system applications will continue to work with an internet connection. Public or private applications will no longer be usable, unless the VPN is re-enabled.

When installing a VPN through MDM software, it is essential to understand the importance of managed configurations to ensure optimal usage. A managed configuration enables the preparation of application settings before its actual installation on a device. Among the most widely used Android VPNs, several have a managed configuration:

  • FortiClient VPN
  • Cisco
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • GlobalProtect
  • F5
  • Fortinet
  • Check Point Software Technologies
  • Juniper Networks Pulse Secure
  • Citrix
  • SonicWall

In order for the VPN connection to be maintained continuously, it is necessary for it to have the ‘always-on’ permission. This permission ensures continuous protection of your internet traffic, even in situations where the connection might be temporarily interrupted (device in standby, network change, etc.). Here are some examples of Android VPNs with this feature:

  • VPN lat
  • Privado
  • Secure VPN