Add a CA certificate

A CA certificate enables to validate the identity of an entity (website, email address, company, etc.) and links it to cryptographic keys via the publication of an electronic document: the certificate.

To add a certificate on TinyMDM:

  1. Go on to CA Certificates
  2. Click on Add certificate
  3. Give a name to your file and import it
CA certificate

To share the certificate on the devices:

  1. Go on to the Policies tab and modify the one of your choice
  2. On the CA Certificates sub-tab, tick the file
  3. The certificate will then be pushed on the devices and be visible from the security settings of each
Certificate management

To modify a certificate already deployed on TinyMDM:

  1. Go on to the CA certificates tab
  2. Click on the icon to modify the certificat ()
  3. Then click on Update certificate file
  4. And approve the action by clicking on Ok.
CA certificate
  • To remove a certificate from a policy, you need to untick it from the CA Certificates sub-tab of the policy.
  • To remove it from the console, go to the CA Certificates tab and click on the icon to delete it ().