Advanced search of devices

How to search a device?

Do an advanced search of devices

To make an advanced search of devices, you just need to click on . An advanced search tab will be displayed on top of the devices’ list.

The advanced search allows you to display only certain devices, according to different criteria: reset, pending Android update, recent synchronization, working profile vs. fully managed (including kiosk mode)…

Another possibility is to search for devices in a more precise way, according to different criteria:

  • device / device model
  • date of enrollement
  • Android / TinyMDM version
  • manufacturer
  • users / user group
  • security policy
  • installed application (filtering possible based on the version of the application)

Seach and sort devices

If you want to see information about a particular device, for which you know either the device name, the user or one of the different device identifiers (id, serial number, SSAID, IMEI, ICCID), enter this information in the Search device field.

By default, devices are sort by name in alphabetical order. By clicking on , you can reverse the sorting order. You can also decide to sort them by creation date or by last sync date by clicking on the drop-down bar.