In order to add your users one by one, go in the Users tab, click on the orange button Add EMM user and fill the form as below:
– Enter user email: email address of the user. Ex:
– Enter user full name: full name of the user. Ex: John Doe
– Enter user directory name: user name in company directory, could be helpful to automatically configure email parameters for example. Ex: john.doe

add single user

To know what is an Anonymous user and how to use it, please read our Add “Anonymous” users help page.

The user will be created and appear in the Users tab. Here you can see the message “No device enrolled”, which is normal: as soon as a device will be enrolled and linked to this user, it will be displayed here.

Once created, your users will then receive a QR code and a password via email that they will need to enroll their device later on (using either one).

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