Native or system applications are the built-in applications created by the device manufacturers, such as phone, message, contact, calendar, camera, clock…

On some devices enrolled with TinyMDM, it is possible that these native applications may not be installed. However, you can push their installations form the TinyMDM console.


On the policy tab, click on the icon to modify the policy. Then, on Apps management section, scroll down the Advanced apps management. There, you will see additional features, such as the possibility to remotely install native applications.

Under the Allow system apps on device using their package name, write down the application’s package name that you want to add on your devices. If you want to add multiple applications, you only need to type the different package names, not leave any space and separate them with a comma.


If you want to add the Calendar’s Samsung native application, on the box, write down the package name: and click on Apply. The application will automatically be installed on all the Samsung devices on the policy.