How to enable system applications on devices?

Discover our system applications catalog (per manufacturer).

Approve native applications (or Android built-in applications)

Prerequisite: have device(s) enrolled on your TinyMDM console

1. To add system applications to your authorized applications, go to the Enterprise Approved Apps tab and under Manufacturer Applications, click the System Applications button.

apps catalog

2. You will be taken to a catalog that brings up the native apps of the devices you have enrolled in your TinyMDM account. To add one of them to your authorized applications and have it appear on the devices, just check the associated box.

apps catalog

3. To save time, you can search for applications by manufacturer or device model using the advanced search, just click on this icon .

advanced search

4. To install system applications on devices, go to the Policies tab and change the desired security policy.

5. In the Apps Management section of your policy, the system apps you added are now visible but grayed out, with an Android icon. To push them to your devices, click on the apps to approve them and install them remotely via the menu .

install system app

Note: it is possible that some system apps appear in duplicate in the security policy. This is normal behavior, since depending on the device manufacturer it may be two different applications. For example, one Contacts app ( will be for Blackview, Wiko, M3Mobile devices; and the second Contacts app ( will be for Samsung devices. So if you want to push the system applications to your entire fleet, you will need to install both Contacts applications: each will install only on compatible devices.

Uninstall a system application

1. To uninstall a system application, you must uninstall it via the policies, by clicking on the menu and then Uninstall.

2. To remove this system application from your policies and make it no longer possible to install on devices, go to the Enterprise Approved Apps tab, under Manufacturer Applications, and uncheck the box associated with the system application in question.