With TinyMDM, your bill is based on the number of devices in your account, meaning you only pay for what you’re using. You can add additional devices at any time and only pay a prorated fee.


From your TinyMDM dashboard:
– Go to the My Account tab
– Click on Modify my subscription
– Check your business info and click on Next
– Choose between TinyMDM Flexible (monthly) and Classic (yearly) subscription
– Adjust your total number of devices

For example here with a Classic subscription: if you subscribe on the 31st of July 2018 and enroll 10 devices, you will be charged 190€ for a year (until the 31st of July 2019). Now let’s say that you want to add up 5 devices from the 27th of January 2019 to the end of your subscription. Type in the number of devices you want to have in total (15 here). You will only pay a prorated fee for those 5 devices until your next bill: “addition of 5 devices for 169 days = 43,95€”.

Please note that you can add as many devices as you want, but all sales are final: you won’t be able to remove some devices in the middle of your subscription. However, you can decide to renew only some devices at the end of your subscription.