Action logs

The TinyMDM action logs keeps track of all activities and operations performed by the various managers on mobile devices from the console and API. It records all changes related to these devices such as application installations or uninstallations, data deletions or device resets, message sending etc..

This feature is essential for the efficient management of digital tools. It provides an overview of all activities and allows the various managers to track the history of changes made. This allows any errors or anomalies to be identified and problems to be resolved more quickly.

action logs

For even more precision, the advanced search of the action logs gives you the possibility to search for an action by period. For example, you can search for changes made to the console between 1 and 3 March 2023.

advanced search

For both the simple and the advanced search, you can sort the results by date or by author, from the most recent to the oldest or vice versa.

action logs sort