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Register your EMM company

How to register your company with an email address or a G-Suite account?

Modify your Android Enterprise account

How to modify your Android Enterprise email account?


Users and groups management

How to create users and affect them to groups?

Add anonymous users

How to add anonymous users ?

Import users from a CSV file

How to import a list of users from a CSV file?


Enroll a fully managed device with QR code

How to enroll a fully managed device with 6-tap qr code?

Enroll multiple devices in a row

How to enroll devices in a row and automatically create generic users?

Set up ZTE (Zero Touch Enrollment)

How do I set up my ZTE account with TinyMDM as EMM solution?

Set up KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment)

How do I set up my KME account with TinyMDM as EMM solution?

Setup a Work Profile on a device

How to setup a work profile on a device already in use?

Enroll a device with afw# code

For devices running Android 6

Export a list of devices

How to export a list of devices?

Advanced search of devices

How to search a device?


Remotely lock / unlock

How to remotely lock or unlock a device?

Factory reset one or multiple devices at a time

How to remotely wipe out all data from one device or from multiple devices at a time?

Remotely wipe corporate data only

How to remotely wipe out corporate data in a Work Profile setup?

Manage security settings

How to manage device security challenge settings (safe passwords)?

Prevent factory reset

How to prevent factory reset and use the temporary code?

Securely enable or disable FRP

How to disable the Factory Reset Protection on a device?

Two-step authentication

How does TinyMDM's two-step authentication work?


Set up the secure browser

How to set up the secure browser?

Manage bookmarks

How to manage bookmarks on the secure browser?

Remove or hide unsecured browsers

How to hide or remove the unsecured internet browsers?


Manage Wi Fi configuration

How to manage manage Wi-Fi configuration?


Enable remote control

Visualize and take control over your Android devices with TinyMDM.


Share files and contacts to devices

How to import and share professional files or contacts to devices?


Create a policy

How to create a policy from scratch?


Update my info

How to update my email, password or company info?

Modify my subscription

How to modify my TinyMDM subscription?

Choose my payment method

What payment methods are available?


Enable and setup lock task mode

How to turn your device into a Kiosk (single or multi app lockdown) ?

Setup single app kiosk mode

How to set up only one application in kiosk mode?

Create files shortcuts on the homepage

How to create a file shortcut in kiosk mode?

Set up an application that opens by default

How to set up a default application that opens in kiosk mode after unlocking ?

Hide an app

How to hide an app installed on a device?

Protect an app with a password

How to add a password to access an app?

Create sessions in kiosk mode

How to create sessions in kiosk mode with TinyMDM ?

Customize Kiosk mode

How to personnalize your devices?

Exit the kiosk mode

How to disable the kiosk mode with TinyMDM ?


Manage enterprise approved public apps

How to approve public apps for your business?

Deploy private apps

How to deploy your own private app?

Deploy sideload apps (Play Store bypass)

How to deploy a sideload app bypassing the Play Store?

Deploy web apps

How to deploy a web app?

Remotely install / uninstall app

How to remotely install or uninstall an app without any action from the end user?

Manage app permissions

How to manage app permissions?

Manage app configurations

How to manage app configuration?

Add system applications (per manufacturer)

How to install system applications?

Manage alternative versions of an internal app

How to manage alternative versions of my apk?


Track a device

How to track a device on a map?


Managers and Structure

How to add managers and define their access to the TinyMDM console?

Action logs

How to do a search in the action logs?

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