Register your business

How to register your business with an email address or a G-Suite account?


Create a policy

How to create a policy from scratch?


Update my info

How to update my email, password or company info?

Add some devices to my account

How to add some devices to my TinyMDM subscription?

Delete my account

How to delete my TinyMDM account?


Add a single user

How to add users one by one?

Import users from a CSV file

How to import a list of users from a CSV file?

Add "Anonymous" users

How to add Anonymous users (and why) ?


Enroll a fully managed device

How to enroll a fully managed device (new or reset to factory settings)?

Setup a Work Profile on a device

How to setup a work profile on a device already in use?

Enroll a device without any email address

How to enroll a device without any email address (anonymous user setup)?


Manage enterprise approved public apps

How to approve public apps for your business?

Deploy private apps

How to deploy your own private app?

Deploy web apps

How to deploy a web app?

Remotely install / uninstall app

How to remotely install or uninstall an app without any action from the end user?

Manage app permissions

How to manage app permissions?

Manage app configurations

How to manage app configuration?

Preconfigure Exchange account in Outlook

How to preconfigure an Exchange account using TinyMDM?

Preconfigure Exchange account in Gmail

How to preconfigure an Exchange account using TinyMDM?


Remotely lock / unlock

How to remotely lock or unlock a device?

Remotely wipe out all data / delete a device

How to remotely wipe out all data and delete a device?

Remotely wipe corporate data only

How to remotely wipe out corporate data in a Work Profile setup?

Manage security settings

How to manage device security challenge settings (safe passwords)?

Manage Wi Fi configuration

How to manage manage Wi-Fi configuration?

Prevent factory reset

How to prevent factory reset and use the temporary code?

Securely disable FRP

How to disable the Factory Reset Protection on a device?


Enable and setup lock task mode

How to turn your device into a Kiosk (single or multi app lockdown) ?

Customize Kiosk mode

How to personnalize your devices?

Protect an app with a password

How to add a password to access an app?

Hide an app

How to hide an app installed on a device?


Track a device

How to track a device on a map?


Settings for firewall

What settings should I change to use TinyMDM with a firewall?

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