How mobile devices can increase productivity at work ?

30th of March 2021

In January 2020, nearly 67% of the worldwide population had a mobile device, according to the Digital 2020 report from We are Social. The BYOD Usage in Enterprise’s one from Syntonic shows itself that in 2016, 36% of enterprises had at least one employee in two that used its personal smartphone for professional purposes. With the development of working from home since the crisis, the number of devices used for professional needs is constantly growing. But how to make sure those devices will help to boost productivity while securing professional data ?


Invest in a MDM solution

Covid19 pandemic forced many companies to have their employees working from home, and adapt therefore their communication tools out of their working zone, by contacting them on their personal smartphones. Using those smartphones in BYOD profile (Bring Your Own Device) has many advantages such as the performance speed, the possibility to have personal and professional data on the same tool, etc. but it could also lead to a decrease in data security.
To be able to boost productivity and manage efficiently this management mode, it is important to invest in a mobile device management solution that will manage all devices using professional information, such as TinyMDM, that works on all the devices compatible with the Android operating system.

Enable the use of mobile data

For many employees, a digital tablet or a smartphone has the same working possibilities as an old computer, which is slow and hard to transport. Indeed, with a internet package, a worker can use its device even in public transport and store it in a small bag. Investing in a mobile device management fleet allows a greater team mobility, not existing with a desktop computer.

Push business applications, professional files and contacts

Still regarding the BYOD Usage in the Enterprise report from Syntonic, in 2016, nearly 9 enterprises out of 10 needed their employees to access professional applications on their personal smartphones. Indeed, a lot of them had specific business applications that needed to be downloaded but that weren’t accessible from the Playstore. In addition to being able to push professional files and contacts instantly on the devices, a MDM solution can also allow the installation of business applications non-published on the Playstore and can restrain access to the rest of the applications to boost employees productivity.


Many companies still think that smartphones and tablets are negative at work. However, well used and managed by an administrator, the digital tool is, at the opposite, a real benefit for employees productivity. The Google/Heart+Mind Strategies, U.S., “Getting Things Done on Mobile” report made by Google in december 2017 prove this benefit, as 75% of respondents said their smartphones helped them get more productive.

It is, however, important to use a centralized mobile device management system to avoid losing time on entertainment applications. TinyMDM has been developed to manage at the same time the professional dedicated devices and the personal devices using business data. The solution enables for example to choose which applications will be available on the devices, to restrain professional data access or to remotely take the console of the devices.