How does the TinyMDM team use its own solution on a daily basis?

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In the ever-changing world of mobile device management, the TinyMDM team has created a solution that meets complex and varied needs: an MDM solution. However, the real proof of the effectiveness of their product lies in the way they use it themselves.

In this article, we take a look behind the scenes at how the TinyMDM team uses its own solution to manage its devices, optimize its internal processes and guarantee data security in 5 steps.

When you’re developing a mobile device management solution, you need to be constantly testing new features, deploying updates and evaluating the performance of your product.

The TinyMDM team understands this reality: to save time and streamline the process, developers in the technical department use multiple enrolment. This feature allows them to quickly enroll multiple devices in a row for testing. No need to create users and scan their respective QR codes one by one. Simply create a generic QR code which, when scanned, will automatically create generic users in the chosen policy or group and apply the requested configuration directly to the devices.

Like many companies, the TinyMDM team knows the importance of protecting confidential data. They therefore use their own work profile mode (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) on their personal devices. This approach allows them to clearly separate work data from personal data. The built-in features of this management mode, such as password management and deletion of business data in the event of loss or theft, ensure that TinyMDM’s sensitive information remains secure.

TinyMDM has a duty to present its product clearly and forcefully to potential customers. To do this, members of the sales department frequently give demonstrations of the solution. To facilitate these presentations, they enroll the devices in 100% managed mode as well as in kiosk mode. In addition, they share the device screen with customers, giving them a better view of the features. This interactive approach gives customers a real insight into the added value of TinyMDM. To book a demonstration, click here.

demo tinymdm

When it comes to mobile devices, flexibility is essential. The support department knows that customers’ needs can change quickly, which is why they don’t activate the feature that prevents factory resets. This decision allows them to re-enrol devices without hindrance when necessary, so they can reproduce the errors that customers encounter on their devices and resolve their problems as quickly as possible.

However, it is important to note that the prevent factory reset feature exists for customers to activate to maximize the security of their device fleet. This feature allows customers to further protect their sensitive data by preventing unauthorized device resets.

TinyMDM offers a multi-managers feature that the team uses internally. Each team member is added as a manager to the main TinyMDM account. This approach strengthens security while streamlining workflows. Thanks to the action log, every action taken by managers from the console and api can be consulted. This traceability is essential for identifying errors and resolving problems quickly and efficiently.

The TinyMDM story is not just about creating an innovative solution, it’s also about how that solution is integrated into the day-to-day life of the team itself.

By using its own product to manage different mobile devices, the TinyMDM team is demonstrating the reliability and effectiveness of its solution in a real-life environment. From multiple enrolment and interactive demonstrations for potential customers, to flexible management and traceability of actions, the TinyMDM team shows how its solution meets a wide range of mobile device management needs.