Customer Success Story: Barge of the Heart

The "Barge of the Heart" provides managed mobile devices to its guests

About the "Péniche du Cœur" (Barge of the Heart)

The Péniche du Cœur, translated the Barge of the Heart, founded in 1994, is an Emergency Shelter Center located in Paris, which welcomes homeless men of age, or those who are suddenly confronted with a lack of housing. Their missions: to respond to basic needs, to offer a friendly welcome that helps stabilize the person, to offer personalized social support to initiate a path towards social autonomy, and to revitalize the person through individual and collective activities. Thus, the center provides housing, meals, and accompanies the 53 residents in their project of social reintegration, opening of their rights, search for housing and return to work.

Their Mobile Device Management needs

Not all guests have their own computer equipment and they are obliged to borrow equipment that other guests will then use. This raises a question about the confidentiality of the use of the hardware: their browsing history, the applications they use, etc. So our question was “How do we ensure that their use of the hardware guarantees their privacy and confidentiality?”

We were mainly looking for a guarantee that a hosted person’s use of the hardware would be completely confidential by making sure that systematically all of their activity is erased after they use a tablet. Also, limiting the installation of software is very important so that the tablets are not hacked/damaged.

Our solution

By restricting mobile devices to a Kiosk mode with TinyMDM, you have the option to set up private and temporary sessions. This sessions feature allows you to open a temporary access on a managed device, to access the different applications installed on it. Once the user has finished using the device, the session is closed and the application data is permanently deleted from the device, thus respecting the protection of personal data. Learn more about this feature.

A word from them

The answer to our need is very simple: a guest logs in to a session, and carries on with his activities. When he stops using the tablet, the session closes and all his activity history is deleted. TinyMDM has allowed us to guarantee this confidentiality in a very fluid, almost invisible way, since it doesn’t require anything to be done. We haven’t had to ask the technical team for anything yet. Thanks to TinyMDM for providing this service to La Péniche du Cœur for free!

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