Quick start guide to start using TinyMDM

Prerequisites to start using TinyMDM:

quick start to add public apps

quick start to add private apps

quick start to add manufacturer apps

The Manufacturer Applications box includes all the system applications available for the different manufacturers of your devices.



6 tap qr code
scan qr code
wifi network
android enterprise 1
android enterprise 2
android enterprise 3
tinymdm setup 1
tinymdm setup 2
tinymdm setup 3
kiosk mode

Business-related apps managed by the Work Profile have a particular business icon setting them apart from personal apps. They are held in a secured container and, depending on the policy affected to the device, a secure password will be needed to access it.

The Play Store inside the Work Profile will only display the Enterprise approved apps, but users can access the Play Store as usual once outside the Work Profile.