Customer Success Story: GR8 Security Ltd

GR8 Security Ltd is a leading supplier of Specialist Security Solutions throughout the UK.  The company is specialized in strategic outsourcing, bringing together its expertise and capabilities to help its clients achieve their goals. GR8 offers a wide range of professional services with experience, across a variety of industry sectors. At the forefront of its combined service package, GR8 strives to provide a cost effective and tailored service which meets its clients requirements. GR8 achieve this through its resolve to provide solutions of the highest standard carried out by its professional team members.

GR8 Security Ltd was facing multiple challenges:

  • Lots of bricked devices due to constantly setting up and changing them.
  • Phone misuses was also constant issues because users didn’t have a restrictive access to tethering.
  • Last but not least, end users had to travel all over the country for minor phone issues that couldn’t be fixed remotely because they didn’t have any access to the phones

GR8 Security Ltd was looking for a non-expensive and easy-to-use solution. After testing multiples EMM solution providers, they chose to use TinyMDM. According to them, our solution nearly perfectly fitted their needs because we constantly add new features to meet our customer needs:

  • As we are dedicated to small and medium businesses, one of our objective at TinyMDM is to reduce as much as possible the training time and money spent. GR8 company spent less than one hour per employee to make them autonomous in their use of our Android MDM solution: “The system is straightforward and easy to use and train on“.
  • GR8 needed to be able to get the mobile devices up and running within a few minutes. Our onboarding workflow for new devices based on QR code device enrollment allowed them to get many devices set up quickly.
  • As for technical maintenance: with our remote cast feature, GR8 IT administrators can now fix phone issues from a distance.

“TinyMDM staff are really helpful when we need help, generally we have a solution within 48 hours. The only thing we look forward to is the remote control feature on other Android brands.”