TinyMDM for Healthcare Facilities

Managing tablets for medical staff and isolated patients

What is Mobile Device Management - MDM?

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is an application designed to manage mobile devices in a professional environment. By using an MDM, companies (groups, communities, associations, etc.) keep total control over their smartphones and tablets, which they manage remotely.

MDM solutions such as TinyMDM aim to reduce data security threats and facilitate device management by providing a centralized control tool for administrators: remote management of devices, applications, content, passwords…

TinyMDM for Healthcare Facilites

As in all other sectors, care facilities are increasingly using mobile devices and embracing the trend towards digital to:

  • Store, process and transmit patient information.
  • Communicate with practitioners, staff and patients.
  • Provide entertainment / communication services to patients during their hospitalization.

With TinyMDM, the devices are configured and secured, so that caregivers can concentrate only on the medical applications and data provided. The mobile terminals made available to patients are remotely controlled. The technical team manages the devices, their configuration, the applications available, the internet filtering level…

Restricted access (settings not available, impossibility to exit the kiosk without a code), internet filtering, location tracking...
Remote configuration of connectivity, applications, updates, remote wiping of medical data in case of theft or loss...
Secure work profile to securely process all medical data, sensitive by definition, as well as professional emails.

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