Silent app installation / removal

Instantly manage the installation of mandatory apps on different device groups from your dashboard, with no action needed from the end-user. Unwanted apps can also be remotely and silently uninstalled from the devices.

Permissions and configurations

Manage app permissions and configurations from the dashboard to save a precious amount of time. You can also organize apps by folder, protect their access with a password, hide their icon…

app management
business dedicated app catalog

Business dedicated app catalog

Manage public apps as well as private and web ones! TinyMDM gives you the opportunity to manage public apps, but also to deploy your own customized ones (APKs of in-house, CRM or commercial apps). End users won’t be able to use or see any unauthorized app.


Single or multi app lockdown

Devices can sometimes be needed to work in a very restricted mode. By converting the device into a Kiosk, the end user won’t be able to access anything else: perfect for free-accessible devices in public spots or dedicated to specific scenarios.

Custom branding

Customize the devices by choosing your own colored wallpaper and logo, to enhance your company's image.

App auto launch

When Single App Kiosk Mode is activated, the dedicated app is auto-launched whenever the device reboots: the home screen and task bar are inaccessible.
lock task mode


internet filtering levels

Secure all browsers

TinyMDM is the only MDM solution providing its own patented web filtering technology and creating a SAFE FOR WORK environment, no matter the browser used.

4 levels of restriction

  • No restriction
  • Anti-phishing/malware
  • Safe for work : forbid inappropriate websites (drugs, porn, gambling, violence…)
  • Whitelist only


Remote lock / unlock feature

Instantly lock device to protect your data in the event of theft or compromised device: this option will secure the device by forcing the user to enter the password to unlock it. You can also remove the password and remotely unlock the device so the end user can regain access to it if needed.

Remote wipe-out feature

Don’t put your confidential data at risk and choose to remotely wipe out the device if lost or stolen. In full management mode this feature will reset the device to factory settings. In work profile mode, it will delete only the business data from the device.

data protection


physical tracking

Location tracking

Follow your Android fleet at all times and places by activating the location tracking. Keep an eye on the position of each device on a map for more security.


Immediate location fetching

You can refresh the position of the device whenever you want, in one click!


Device security challenge settings

Enforce safe passwords depending on profiles:

  • Set the password type (letter/numeric/special character password, pattern, PIN…)
  • Set the password size
  • Set the password timeout to force end-users updating it regularly
security compliance
security compliance

Secure container

Setup a password to access the work profile container on personally enabled devices. Business data will be protected by a different password than the one used to unlock the device.

Wi-Fi management

Choose to disable Wi-Fi from the devices, forbid connections to unsecure networks, preconfigure favorite networks… Everything is designed to help you protect your sensitive data and save some time.

wifi management


add users

Zero touch enrollment

TinyMDM is an official EMM partner for Android zero‑touch enrollment. Android Zero-touch allows you to deploy corporate owned devices in bulk without having to manually setup each device. Purchase your devices from an authorized reseller, who will create Zero-touch console customer accounts for your organization and imports the devices. Devices will automatically enroll with TinyMDM and be managed straight out-of-the-box.

Mass user profiles creation

If you have more than just a few users to add to your dashboard, TinyMDM gives you the opportunity to import them all in a few second through a CSV file.

QR code enrollment

Enroll the device in a second by simply scanning a QR code instead of a username and a password (QR code is received via email and visible in the dashboard).

Anonymous users

If the User ID is going to be shared by a team or linked to several devices, you can create an Anonymous user: no email needed, just a name!

add users