Environmental, Social and Governance

At Ars Nova Systems, we want to play an active role in protecting the environment and contributing positively to society. Our Android mobile device management solution, TinyMDM, is high-performance, energy-efficient and privacy-friendly. In addition to our commitment to technological excellence, here’s how we embody our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

1.1 Optimizing energy consumption.

We design our software to minimize the energy consumption of mobile devices managed by TinyMDM, thus helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

1.2. Preference for responsible electronics.

We favor the use of environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible, and encourage our partners to adopt similar practices.

1.3. Reducing electronic waste.

We encourage our customers to extend the life of their mobile devices, thereby reducing the production of electronic waste.

1.4 Choice of AWS infrastructure.

First and foremost, we have chosen to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for our cloud operations. AWS is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting environmentally friendly practices. AWS is proven to be 3.6 times more energy efficient than the median data center of the companies surveyed.

1.4.2. Transition to renewable energy.

AWS has set itself ambitious targets for renewable energy. More than two-thirds of their data centers aim to achieve 80% renewable energy by 2024 and 100% by 2030. We are proud to contribute to this collective effort by using their services.

1.4.3 Reducing our carbon footprint.

Currently, the carbon footprint of our AWS consumption is 1.5 tons. We will continue to monitor our AWS consumption and work closely with AWS to implement energy efficiency measures and maintain our carbon footprint. We recognize the importance of making responsible choices in technology infrastructure to support our environmental sustainability goals.

2.1. Protection of privacy.

We make sure to respect and protect the privacy of our users in accordance with current regulations, and we only collect data that is necessary for the proper operation of TinyMDM.

2.2. Enhanced security.

Security is at the heart of our solution, and we strive to keep up to date with the latest cybersecurity practices to protect our customers’ data.

3.1. Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe in a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, where every voice is possible. We actively support equal opportunity and inclusion.

3.2 Training and Employee Development.

We invest in the professional development of our employees and foster an ethical and respectful working environment.

We encourage our customers, employees and partners to join us in this collective effort to create a positive impact on our environment and society.

This environmental and social policy takes effect as soon as it is published, and is distributed to all Ars Nova Systems stakeholders. We remain open to any suggestions or recommendations aimed at strengthening our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.