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QR code enrollment (6 times tap)

Android Enterprise offers a quick and easy way to enroll corporate devices from startup (or after a reset to factory settings), by tapping 6 times on the first screen and scanning a QR code. This enrollment method sets TinyMDM as device owner (managed by EMM) and the right configuration is applied to the device, according to the security policy you defined. Combined with our Multiple enrollment feature (which automatically creates different users by scanning the same generic QR code with each device), this enrollment method will save you considerable time.

More info here.

Android Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE)

Zero-touch enrollment is a streamlined process for Android devices: on first boot, devices automatically check to see if they’ve been assigned a specific configuration and download the correct device policy controller app (here TinyMDM), which then completes setup of the managed device with no action needed from the end-user!

Devices eligible for zero-touch enrollment need to be purchased directly from an enterprise reseller or Google partner. This reseller sets up your zero-touch enrollment account when your organization first purchases devices registered for zero-touch enrollment, and you will manage everything for your organization from this web portal.

More info here.


EMM token enrollment (afw#)

For devices running Android 6, or not having a camera to scan a QR code, you can use our EMM token afw#tinymdm. By following the device’s configuration steps (new or reset to factory settings), you just need to type this code instead of a Google account. TinyMDM will be installed on the device and you will be able to complete the enrollment process. More info here.

For devices equipped with a camera, you can also combine this method with the multiple enrollment feature so that users are automatically created in your console each time a QR code is scanned.

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)

TinyMDM is an official Samsung Knox partner, compatible with Knox Mobile Enrollment. KME is a simplified enrollment process for Samsung devices. On first start-up, the devices check whether a specific configuration has been assigned to them. If so, the fully managed device configuration process is launched, TinyMDM is downloaded and the device configuration is completed. This way, Samsung devices are managed straight out of the box!

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