ELD tablets in the road freight transport sector

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eld tablets

In 2017, in France, the road freight transport sector is composed of 31,800 companies. Many of these companies use ELD tablets. As this sector is highly regulated, companies must be able to meet the various requirements imposed by the State such as respecting and controlling the driving and rest times of transporters. The implementation of an MDM solution will allow you to visualizemanage and secure your fleet of mobile devices.

Onboard system corresponds to the set of offers and devices that make an equipment communicating and interactive with its environment. Nowadays, it is present everywhere but very often targets mobile uses (cell phones, tablets…) and is used to control, collect or provide information related to the various equipment. On-board computing is particularly present in the field of transportation.

eld tablets

Transportation companies need to use various applications, especially for order management or delivery tracking (GPS, purchase order management or consignment notes…). Whether these applications are available on the Android Play Store (public applications), internally (private applications) or via a website (web applications), MDM software allows them to be installed and updated remotely. The carriers’ work tools therefore remain fully operational, allowing them to use the latest features and thus be 100% efficient.

A carrier may experience difficulties with his professional device. Since he is usually far away from his company and his team, an MDM solution seems to be necessary to keep a direct contact between the two parties, otherwise the transporter’s work could be impacted. With a mobile device management software like TinyMDM, the truck driver can ask his IT administrator to view or take control of his terminal remotely, in order to solve his problem quickly.

The IT administrator can also send notifications to the mobile fleet he is responsible for, for example to alert the driver of a last-minute change in his route, or to inform him that a new file is available in his phone or tablet.

In order to improve management and internal efficiency, it is essential to be able to geolocate the various mobile devices in the fleet. With a mobile fleet management solution, in just a few clicks, the administrator can find out where the vehicles are located and whether, for example, delivery deadlines are being met.

All these features save considerable time and therefore improve management and efficiency within the company.

Like all companies, transportation companies have confidential data. This data can be related to customers, orders, employees, etc. This is why MDM software develops different features to avoid unfortunate leaks (loss of the professional smartphone, loan to a person outside the company, employee departure, etc.)

In order to prevent smartphones or tablets from being accessed by people outside the company, the mobile fleet administrator can, among other things, manage the passwords allowing access to the devices, lock the screen or even reset the devices remotely.

According to road safety, reading a message while driving multiplies the risk of an accident by 23: it forces the driver to take his eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds. To help transportation companies combat this issue, some software, such as TinyMDM, has developed a feature that blocks the use of touch on the mobile device above a certain speed. This means that above a certain speed, the mobile device continues to function normally (GPS on the way, a call received…) but the touchscreen no longer responds to touch, until the vehicle falls back below the authorized speed limit.

minimum speed

Between deploying new tools and securing devices, employee mobility can be a significant cost factor. An MDM solution allows companies to avoid the constraints of installation, configuration and maintenance.

Implementing MDM software seems essential for trucking companies to improve their organization, efficiency and safety.