With TinyMDM, share professional contacts to all your employees' devices with a single click.

TinyMDM's contact sharing feature allows the enterprise to share contacts and enables users to have a common and up to date list of their contacts directly on the Contact application of their devices, effortlessly.

Shared Contacts

Add your contacts on the console

You can share as much contacts as needed, either by adding them one by one and by tapping for example their contact name, phone number, email address, or you can can import a CSV file.

Once you have your list of contacts, you can add them in groups if needed, to simplify their use in the different policies.

And find them instantly on your managed devices

Once you added your contacts on the Contacts tab on your console, you can find them in the different policies. Once you are on a policy, you can tick on a specific contact or on a group that you need to share between the devices, and they will automatically be synchronized in the Contacts system application of each device.

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