Control the connectivity of mobile devices to keep data consumption under control

Wi-Fi networks, data roaming, airplane mode, connection sharing, APN, data consumption... We've put everything in place to protect your sensitive data and save you time.

connectivity management

Network security is a major concern. Companies are actively working to ensure that Wi-Fi networks accessible by mobile devices are identified and verified, with security in mind. Being able to connect quickly and in a controlled way is crucial to maintaining optimum productivity within the company, especially when there are several work sites and therefore access to various networks. That’s why, with TinyMDM, you can pre-configure your preferred Wi-Fi networks, disable Wi-Fi on certain devices, prohibit connection to unsecured networks, and much more.

Wi-Fi management

Choose to disable Wi-Fi on your devices, prohibit connections to non-secure networks, pre-configure your favorite networks. Everything is in place to protect your sensitive data and save you time. By configuring your professional Wi-Fi networks, whether simple or protected by certificates (EAP), the devices will automatically recognize the network and connect to it, without any action on the part of the user.

Data usage management

Mobile data packages can represent a significant expense for a company. By monitoring and controlling data consumption, you can avoid excessive charges and optimize your telecom expenses. That’s why, with TinyMDM, you can maintain efficient connectivity and ensure optimum use of resources.

data usage management

Other connectivity settings

To optimize the use of your mobile data, you can also authorize or prohibit connection to unsecured access points, data roaming, NFC, airplane mode, etc. from your console. Without a code supplied by the administrator, it will be impossible for the mobile device user to modify these settings.

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