The benefits of digitalization in hotels

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The Covid-19 crisis has impacted the hotel sector. Indeed, this sector has seen its turnover fall very quickly and has therefore had to take action to reinvent itself. Many establishments have turned to digitalization to compensate for the drop in business. The aim of this digitalization is to optimize hotel management while facilitating the customer experience and meeting their expectations.

Mobile terminals such as tablets, smartphones or dynamic displays can be deployed to help optimize hotel management.

Check-in and check-out can be a time-consuming process for hotel staff. In order to facilitate this process, hotels can introduce automated kiosks. These automated kiosks, usually with a touch screen, allow guests to check in themselves or create room keys and avoid queues at the reception. As a result, employees can carry out other tasks instead and customer satisfaction increases.

Installing mobile devices in hotels eliminates the inconvenience of check-in and check-out and improves their productivity.

digitization hotels

There are many applications that make it possible to automate or optimize parts of a hotel organisation. For example, they allow employees to track their activities: everyone knows what has been done and what remains to be done. CRM can also be installed on the staff’s mobile devices. In this way, they can access customer data directly from their device and respond to their requests more quickly.

These applications support the time management and organisation of employees. It seems essential to use remote terminal management software to manage the terminals and their app configurations.

The dynamic screen is a method of communication that tends to replace traditional displays in hotels. The latter generally choose to display information such as the day’s weather, the activities offered by the establishment (massages, group sports classes), breakfast times, etc.

Just like smartphones or tablets, these digital displays need to be managed and configured. An MDM solution allows this to be done remotely.

digitization hotels

Digitalization in hotels is becoming increasingly important. These various digital devices are useful to increase the productivity of the establishments and to improve customer satisfaction. However, the use of mobile devices in the professional sphere can lead to certain risks: data leakage, employee distraction, etc. MDM software can be used to secure digital devices and manage them remotely.

The kiosk mode, offered by these mobile device management software, seems to be perfectly adapted to this sector of activity. Indeed, it limits the use of the devices to one or more specific applications. The user cannot browse the internet if a search browser has not been installed, or have access to settings and notifications. This allows administrators to ensure that employees are fully focused on their tasks.

TinyMDM’s customers include the US-based Hilton Hotels Group, which uses mobile devices to improve and facilitate housekeeping, room service, and bar and restaurant operations.

The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has also chosen to rely on TinyMDM. Our software allows them to manage their digital tools to assist the maids in their daily tasks.