Tablets or smartphones, a huge asset for the management of local authorities

10th of February 2021

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Paper waste reduction

To significantly reduce administrative documents’ accumulation and the excessive use of papers, more and more local authorities start to use digital tools, such as tablets or smartphones. These devices allow them, no matter their workplace, to have access to professionals documents. However, those new working tools should be linked to a centralized management solution, a MDM, to allow the instant synchronization of documents, securise professional data and increase teamwork productivity.

Productivity of field workers

To increase productivity of field workers, it is important to give them the adapted resources to succeed in their professional missions. Whether it is for the waste collection, park management or parking security for cars, bicycles or scooters in the city-centre, it is important to give workers a mobile phone or tablet with one or multiple business applications pre-installed for their specific tasks.

As for the theaters, museums or gym clubs, mobile devices could be useful for scanning entrees, managing plannings or providing information to visitors. All of this, under the control of an administrator through a mobile device management software.

Educational content deployment

It is also the city halls and local authorities’ job to find ways to improve the educational methods. That is why more and more cities provide tablets to students and teachers at school.

Digital tools as a learning method are used for educational purposes only and it is therefore important to secure them with at least an internet filtering and an application management system, both to protect children and block access to inappropriate contents.


It is important for cities to increase their digitalization by offering mobile devices to their employees that they can have with them at work or while working from home. But it is essential at the same time that administrators use a mobile device management solution to secure them remotely. Easy MDM solutions exist, allowing administrators to configure different features including: geolocation of devices, securitization of professional data access, remote maintenance, etc.