Remote management of all your professional applications, their updates, permissions and configurations.

Private apps and web apps deployment

Manage public apps as well as private and web ones: TinyMDM gives you the opportunity to manage public apps, but also to deploy your own ones (APKs of in-house, CRM or commercial apps).

deploy private app
silent app installation

Silent app install / uninstall

Instantly manage the installation of mandatory apps on different device groups from your dashboard, with no action needed from the end-user. Unwanted apps can also be remotely and silently removed from devices.

Permissions management

From your admin console, you can set the default response for future runtime permission requests by applications (read contacts, access the camera, read the content…).

Configurations management

Set a specific configuration for some apps: it can be very useful to preconfigure account settings for emails.

Android Mobile Device Management made simple

Manage all your professional devices from one place, in a few minutes.

Business Play Store
Applications management
Files sharing
Security management
Contacts management
Remote control
Android Kiosk mode
Remote factory reset
Wi-Fi management
Internet filtering
Physical tracking
Multi admins

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