Manage all applications from one place

With TinyMDM, remotely manage public, private and web applications that will be accessible on devices managed by the company.

A mobile device management solution like TinyMDM enables centralized management of applications across the entire mobile device estate. Rather than having to access each device individually, administrators can deploy, configure and update applications from a single console, saving time and making management more efficient. Access restrictions and security settings can be defined to ensure compliance and data security; the update system can be configured to facilitate the deployment of security patches and new features to all devices… The TinyMDM console provides complete visibility of installed applications across the enterprise.

approve applications

Selection of approved applications

You can remotely approve and install a variety of applications for Android devices. This includes not only publicly available apps in the Google Play Store, but also internal apps specific to your company (private apps) or specific websites that can be used as web apps (web apps). Thanks to centralized management functionality, administrators can select the apps they need, approve them and deploy them to mobile devices, delivering a personalized experience that meets the organization’s specific needs.

How to: Manage enterprise approved apps

Remotely install and update apps

This feature enables you to maintain total control over the applications installed on managed Android devices. You can easily deploy new apps by installing them remotely, ensure that existing apps are regularly updated with the latest versions, and optimize device performance by clearing the cache. The ability to manage application installation, updates, caching and deletion remotely is a key benefit offered by an MDM solution for the efficient management of applications on Android devices.

Configurations management

Preconfigure a public or private application even before it is installed on the device: by preconfiguring the application, you can define the desired settings in advance, meaning that when the application is installed on the device, it will be automatically configured to your preferences, without any action required on the part of the end user. This saves time and ensures that the application is ready for use in line with the organization’s needs and requirements. With this pre-configuration feature, an MDM solution simplifies application deployment and ensures a consistent, optimal user experience right from the start.

How to: Manage apps configuration

Permissions management

From the TinyMDM dashboard, you can define default application permissions such as access to contacts, camera or location tracking. By configuring these permissions from the dashboard, you eliminate the need for end-users to do this manually. So, as soon as applications are installed on managed devices, they will automatically have the predefined permissions, simplifying the user experience. With TinyMDM, you can simplify application permissions management and deliver a hassle-free user experience by setting default permissions from the dashboard.

How to: Manage apps permission

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