5 things TinyMDM has that other MDM solutions don’t

10th of March 2021

With the increase of smartphones and tablets’ use within enterprises, we see a emergence of many MDM softwares on the market. It is therefore important to compare them and select the most adapted solution for your organization. This article describes the five points that make TinyMDM a unique solution.

1. An internet filtering patented technology

The company Ars Nova Systems, which developed TinyMDM, has patented its own internet filtering technology to restrain internet access with four different filtering levels.
This technology works on web pages as well as on pictures and videos. By activating the internet filtering, it is possible to block access to phishing or malware websites, securing therefore mobile devices. It is also possible to go further and restrain access to inappropriate websites (online games, pornography, drugs, violence, etc.) and create a safe environment adapted for work. you can also only allow a whitelist of websites.
Setting up an efficient internet filtering system allows organizations to increase teams’ productivity by only giving them access to a professional browser.

2. A remote control of devices without additional costs

Among the various features of the software, we find the remote visualization and remote control of devices. It enables, through the administration console, to see remotely all the Android devices, to talk on the phone with the user of the device and to take screenshots of a situation. But moreover, TinyMDM’s team has developed the remote control, available on more and more Android devices’ brands (such as Samsung, Wiko, Crosscall, Zebra, Huawei, Lenovo…) allowing the administrator to remotely control the managed devices.

Among the different MDM softwares that offer this feature, many exclude it from the initial payment formula and offer it as an add-on option. TinyMDM has decided to include it in its initial price, allowing companies to have all the necessary tools to succeed in their mobile fleet management.


3. A price among the most affordable on the market

TinyMDM prices are not a secret, they are visible on the website. Two formulas exist: annual, at 19 euros (or 22 dollars) or monthly, at 1.9 euros (or 2.2 dollars). The only difference between those two options is the tarification (either annual or monthly) but all the features and the technical support are included in both.

By comparing the different software available, we quickly see that TinyMDM is among the cheapest of the market and one of the rare to offer all the features on its unique formula, without hidden fees. Some of the MDM market leaders offer “Entry-level” prices that look attractive but if a feature is missing in this formula, the price doubles to choose the upper version. For example, Miradore offers a free formula but if you need to geolocate or send a text to a user, you need to choose the version at 2.5€ per device.

4. A simplicity of use, for a smooth experience

By creating this software, the goal was to offer a mobile management solution dedicated to small and medium businesses that do not have enough time to organise training sessions and spend hours on creating a strategic MDM method.

While the MDM leaders, dedicated to huge mobile fleet and big companies, are complex to use and require days of formations and certification programs costing thousands of dollars, the TinyMDM console is very easy to use. It is intuitive and quick to understand, its features description allows the administrator to quickly figure out how they work. If there are still some questions, you have the possibility to contact a mobility expert by phone, freely !

5. A dedicated team

Last but not least, the members of TinyMDM’s team do their very best to listen to clients and prospects’ demands, unlike huge MDM solutions that do not take the time to hear the requests. For example, the possibility to block access to a device above a certain speed is a feature that was developed after one of our clients in the Transport & Logistics sector asked for it. The development of the administration console and the features available on TinyMDM are discussed every week according to new requests.