Become a mobility expert
10 tips on how to maximise your use of TinyMDM

Wednesday, October 20th 2021 @ 4:00PM CEST

You are using TinyMDM to manage your professional mobile devices, and you want to maximise your use of the administration console ?

In this very practical webinar, our TinyMDM expert will review different points of the administration console that might be useful to manage your devices and she will be there to answer all your questions.

On the agenda:
✔ How to install and update an APK ?
✔ How to enroll a device ?
✔ The different kiosks: classic, open, single application ?
✔ How to create automatic updates ?
✔ How to preconfigure an email account ?

And more !


Valentine Lavie
Product Owner

Product Owner (and former Sales Manager), specialized in B2B and familiar with the challenges faced by small organizations, Valentine Lavie will take advantage of this webinar to share her expertise in mobility.

Simplify the management of your Android Mobile Fleet

Keep the control of your professional mobile fleet
Multi app lockdown
Remote wipe
Speed management
Disable camera
Sleep mode delay
Kiosk mode
Password application
Work profile
Disable usb access
Settings restriction
Contacts sharing