Become an expert: 10 tips on how to maximise your use of TinyMDM

WEBINAR REPLAY: 10 tips on how to maximise your use of TinyMDM


  • How to install and update an APK?
  • How to enroll a device?
  • The different kiosks: classic, open, single application?
  • How to create automatic updates?
  • How to preconfigure an email account?

In this very practical webinar, our TinyMDM expert will review different points of the administration console that might be useful to manage your devices and she will be there to answer all your questions.

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About TinyMDM

TinyMDM, official Android EMM partner, is the Mobile Device Management solution for schools. We provide non-experts with the opportunity to manage their mobile device fleets in an efficient, cost-effective and non-time consuming way. All features (application management, password management, updates, Wi-Fi connections, internet filtering, location tracking, etc.) are available through three different management modes: fully managed devices, dedicated devices in kiosk mode, or management of a secure work profile.