TinyMDM Android mobile device management made simple. If you think that classic MDM suite are too complex our costy, you are at the right place.

What we do

APP Management

Simply decide wich apps are usable on your company owned devices.
Ideal for employees who use dedicated applications in the field.

Kiosk Mode

Decide to dedicate the use of your device to only one App. Free accessible device in public space (stores, museum ...).

Lock parameters

Keep your devices fully functionnal. Secure your settings in avoiding end-users to change parameters.


Decide when your company owned devices can be used, and wich apps are usable outside the defined time slots.

Device location

Location Tracking feature helps you determine and track the location of your devices in real-time.

Internet filtering

Internet filtering enables you to have a controlled browsing on your device. You can filter out inappropriate content, or whitelist only predefined websites.


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