TinyMDM made Mobile Device Management for Android easy to use.


Silent app installation/removal, business dedicated app catalog, private app deployment, web app… Decide in a few clicks which apps are essential and authorised on your company owned devices.
Single and multi app lockdown, app auto launch, homescreen and task bar restriction… Turning your device into a Kiosk mode is the perfect solution for devices supposed to perform a single task (stores, museums...).
Instantly lock/unlock device, remotely wipe out all data from corporate device… Keep control of sensitive data in the event of theft or compromised device.
Filter out inappropriate content on every browser, setup a whitelist/blacklist of websites… Simply choose between four levels of restriction and control browsing on enrolled devices.
The location tracking feature helps you determine and track the location of corporate devices in real-time, on an interactive map.
Enforce safe passwords and work profiles, monitor enrolled devices for compliance… Gain total control of policies and take security measures if needed.

TinyMDM is perfect for ...

Local authorities

TinyMDM offers tailor-made solutions to public administrations and local authorities: General Councils, Regional Councils, Town Halls… More and more Government agencies are looking into MDM solutions to address mobile security concerns and increase productivity. They usually have stricter rules and requirements when it comes to mobile devices, and we answer perfectly their needs: advanced app control, protection policies, geo-tracking, password protection…

Schools & Education

Mobile Device Management is such an important element in educational institutions and classrooms. Public and private schools are using digital equipment as a tool for delivering custom knowledge to students, boosting their engagement. With TinyMDM, mobile devices can be configured to deliver a specific curriculum (educational apps, collaborative work profile…) and protect students from unwanted content (web filtering, app blacklisting…).

Rugged devices

Some industries must deliver a high degree of performance when working on rugged devices, especially in harsh work environment like warehouse, manufacturing, transport, hospital, etc. This type of devices is no longer built with outdated technology and limited capabilities: sunlight readable display, shatterproof, shock resistant, most of them now run on Android OS and need to be securely and completely managed to meet new enterprise challenges.

Museums, shops & libraries

Mobile technologies are offering new ways of interaction. Libraries, museums, shops or cyberspaces providing tablets / smartphones can now choose to deploy mobile specific features or applications on all devices: ideal for dedicated or self-service devices, mobile points of sales (mPOS)…


Regardless the type industry, small and midsized businesses may not have a dedicated IT department or enough time to elaborate a complex MDM strategy. TinyMDM is here to provide them with a highly scalable, easy-to-use and affordable MDM solution.


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